Getting to know Bethany

While communications was not Bethany’s first choice of career when she was younger, she’s always had a leaning towards caring for others and creativity. If she hadn’t fallen in love with the family business, Bethany would have turned out to be a vet or an interior designer.

Bethany is a self-confessed stationery-lover and has a particular penchant for writing lists and arranging her thoughts and goals with the help of fancy pens and colourful notebooks. It’s no wonder that when she first started working for the business back in 2010, she took to organising like a duck to water.

Congratulations on your appointment Bethany, and here’s to a successful second generation of management.

Bethany Gould

Appointed MD in 2020

David Gould’s daughter, Bethany, has been integral to Gould Electronics’ success since she was 16. For over ten years her father has shared his knowledge and his values enabling Bethany to take the helm when the time was right.

Gould Electronics was founded by David back in the early 1980s. The engineering skills learned in the Royal Navy, his commitment to transform the world of communication solutions together with his desire to deliver the ultimate customer service, have formed strong foundations for the family run company.

Putting customers first is something that David has always insisted on. The values of relationship building, trust, honesty, transparency, and efficiency run throughout Gould’s DNA.

David appointed Bethany as Managing Director in October 2020 to free up the time needed to concentrate on his health. Many of you will know that David has been receiving treatment for prostate cancer and has been advised to take things a little slower. Saying that, he’s not hung up his boots just yet and will be around to offer ongoing support to Bethany and the team.

Bethany is super proud of the business that her father has established and is set to uphold its customer-centric values. Her vision is to embrace the technology available now and in the future, and use it to grow the business while always delivering what is best for Gould’s clients. Since taking up this role in October, Bethany has already spent a lot of time speaking with customers about their demands and needs to help shape Gould’s future services to be the perfect fit.

Gould Electronics is a UK based company

Communication Specialists

Gould Electronics is a UK based company with over 30 years' experience in the design, deployment and support of communication solutions throughout Europe and North America. Gould's are specialists in Digital Radio for Utilities and Emergency Services, as well as Wi-Fi Hot Spot and Broadband Services.

specialist knowledge in Communications

Our Specialist Knowledge

Gould’s are one of very few businesses to have specialist knowledge in areas such as spectrum planning and large scale system deployment. We also remain committed to assisting the smaller business with provision and support of two way radio systems. Over the years, we have come to realise that merely providing a communication solution does not always answer the customer’s total requirements. Sometimes we have to go much further to completely satisfy a client’s needs.

Dave Gould gained engineering skills in the Royal Navy

Established in the early 1980's

Gould Electronics was first established in Cornwall in the early 1980' by David Gould using his tri-trade (electrical, electronic and mechanical) engineering skills gained from many years of service in the Royal Navy. He spent the next two decades developing the company from a small, local radio installations business into a national company that has diversified into several key sectors of the radio communications market.

Trust Gould for Communications

We’ll take care of everything

From your initial equipment layout and design, to post installation support. Our engineers can provide you with a one-off complex installation or a fully managed service for your specific coverage area and your entire vehicle fleet’s communications and data systems.

Everything we do at Gould's is guided by our values

Everything we do at Gould's is guided by our values.

They ensure we go the extra mile to help our customers. Always. At the heart of our business are the core values of honesty, efficiency and expertise that have been the driving force behind our successful growth and have sustained our reputation as a company that genuinely puts its customers first and treats them as individuals. We believe that it is the family-based nature of our team that enables us to maintain an enviable balance between friendliness and commercial professionalism.

Gould's customer satisfaction

Our vision is to maintain our long-established and loyal customer base.

We have achieved a high level of customer satisfaction at local and regional levels whilst continuing to grow and consolidate our position at national and international levels.

We listen carefully to our customers

We do not operate through an impersonal, faceless internet shop.

You can reach us through this website but we want to talk to you. We listen carefully to your specific requirements and then provide a tailor-made solution that is specific to your communications needs. The Gould name stands for Value, Fairness, Technical Expertise and Individual Service.

meeting or exceeding our customers

Maintaining our reputation as a supplier of system solutions that meet or exceed our customers' expectations is always our No. 1 priority.

We have recently developed a highly competitive, all-inclusive communications package which is the focus of our current campaign to win a greater market share.

three decades of Gould excellence

Design, Installation and Maintenance.

For over 30 years Gould’s have supported mission critical voice and data operations including the design, installation and maintenance of conventional and trunked radios, as well as integrated digital communication systems. In fact, we provide radio services that have become an integral part of several major Utility and Local Government operations in Europe and the USA.

24/7 Gould customer support

24 hour network monitoring

Gould's combine 24 hour network monitoring tools with advanced reporting techniques and telephone/on-site support options, which provide your business with the reassurance that your system is being effectively looked after.

Technical SystemCare suport

Gould's SystemCare

We monitor and report on the performance of our services, so that our clients get the service they expect — with no surprises. Gould’s SystemCare is one of the most advanced two way radio system support services available globally and has been designed to ensure that your communication system is pro-actively monitored in order to help protect against system failure and data loss.

Going beyond the normal requirments with Gould's

Beyond normal requirements

We now supply many new systems that are custom designed and which go far beyond the normal requirements. We, at Gould Electronics, are particularly successful in this area and take the greatest care to ensure that throughout this process, total project management is provided.

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