Want to walk less, solve more? Connect your teams!

Empower customers to request help when and where they need it with a VoCoVo wireless calling system.
VoCoVo Call Points frees up your team to stay productive on the shop floor and across a busy restaurant or bar. Answer customer questions quickly by giving your team the option to respond remotely via the Call Point when they don’t need to attend in-person. The Call Point flashes to let customers know the request has been sent. Our systems move information efficiently so you can social-distance safely and easily.

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VoCoVo DECT Communication Headsets
Always connected

Say goodbye to noisy loudspeaker announcements, multiple phone systems and clunky hardware. With VoCoVo solutions, your team can receive calls, handle customer queries and communicate securely—all from one device.

VoCoVo Call Point
Always on call

The VoCoVo wireless Call Point allows customers to request assistance at the location and time it is needed. Touching the call button immediately generates an audible message that is sent to support colleagues via their VoCoVo wireless device.

VoCoVo Team Communication

VoCoVo empowers staff in stores of all sizes. With over 300 staff across 7 floors, the team at the world’s largest Primark in Birmingham are all able to work faster and serve customers better without missing a beat.

Built to last

VoCoVo hardware is light, durable and robust enough to get knocked around in busy environments without damage. The highest quality, they are built to last and tested to withstand drops and knocks.


VoCoVo is an innovative communication system which transforms business through the power of voice. Enjoy features like Mute and Talk-Lock to keep your communications hands-free.

Long battery life

Depending on usage, the VoCoVo Call Points typically only needs to be charged every 90 days. The Call Point has multiple charging options including rechargeable batteries and mains charging.

  • VoCoVo “GO” System
  • VoCoVo “GO+” System
  • VoCoVo Components
VoCoVo Go system gives your team instant access to team conferences and one-to-one voice conversations. Just open the box, plug in your Base Unit, charge your Headsets and go!

VoCoVo Go comes with all the hardware you need to connect a team of five or up to 29 people with additional Headsets. We’ve included a multi-unit charging rack for storing your devices when they’re not in use.

Standard package includes:

  • VoCoVo call point
  • 5 x VoCoVo Headsets with headbands
  • 1 x VoCoVo multi-unit charge rack

  • Optional extras:
  • VoCoVo Handset
  • VoCoVo Repeater
  • Additional headbands and earhooks
  • Additional ear cushions
  • Additional multi-unit charge rack

  • Enquire

VoCoVo GO System
Flexible, scalable team communication solutions Take team communications to the next level by connecting more users and integrating handsets, call points and keypads.

VoCoVo Go+ makes it easy to connect more team members and have a bigger impact on your customers by integrating Handsets, Call Points and Keypads. Our Go+ systems are powered by VoCoVo Controllers to accomodate multiple voice conferences, making them perfect if you have more than one team operating in the same location. VoCoVo Go+ comes with all the hardware you need to connect a team of 30+ people, with the extra functionality of our Callpoints and Keypads to improve customer experience. Go+ systems can also integrate with a range of third-party applications, giving you access to business intelligence.

Standard Go+ package includes:

  • VoCoVo Controllers
  • VoCoVo Base Units
  • VoCoVo Repeaters
  • VoCoVo Headsets
  • VoCoVo Handsets
  • VoCoVo Callpoints
  • VoCoVo Keypads

  • GO+ is tailored to you, so you can specify how many of each device you need.

    Optional extras:

  • VoCoVo Portal
  • PBX integration
  • Business intelligence app integration
VoCoVo Call Points
VoCoVo Call Point

Designed for use with the VoCoVo Controller, the VoCoVo wireless Call Point allows customers to request assistance at the location and time it is needed. Touching the call button immediately generates an audible message that is sent to support colleagues via their VoCoVo wireless device. The message states the location where assistance is required.


VoCoVo Headsets
VoCoVo Headsets

VoCoVo Headsets offer simple-to-use wireless team communications, with crystal-clear audio enabling your teams to communicate instantly across the widest areas. Built around proven digital radio technology, communications between colleagues is simple and intuitive. Forget crackling walkie-talkies, poor voice quality and interrupted conversations.


VoCoVo Handsets
VoCoVo Handsets

Forget cracking walkie-talkies, poor voice quality and stilted conversations. Built around proven digital radio technology, our Handsets make communication between colleagues simple and intuitive. Like all VoCoVo devices, they’re light, robust and easy to use, delivering crystal-clear voice and audio for natural conversations both indoors and out – so your team are free to focus on the task, not the tool.


External Call Point
VoCoVo Call Point

Covering outdoor areas, this rugged, waterproof version of the Call Point enables external delivery and click and collect areas to connect to Headsets at the touch of a button. No need to have colleagues waiting at back doors for suppliers to turn up, or loudspeakers alerting everyone in the store to the delivery.


VoCoVo Infrastructure
VoCoVo Infrastructure

VoCoVo is a modular and scaleable solution that’s tailored to cover all areas of your store — including carparks, warehouses and multiple floors. Each Base Unit is a hub for up to 29 Headsets and Handsets, and our Repeaters make it easy to extend coverage across your entire store—inside and out


Communicate, integrate and innovate

VoCoVo have built an all-in-one system you can customise to affect real growth across your business. Whether your goal is to build a better customer experience by reducing self-checkout disruptions, coordinating your team via message cast, or tracking real-time data to make performance improvements across your stores—we’ll help you achieve it.